Eventually, I’ll get there.

I’m ready to start writing again. I’m bogged down in The Count of Monte Cristo but haven’t quite given up yet. I am not yet back at the gym regularly. My once good eating habits have mostly dwindled away. I haven’t ridden my bike into work yet.

I could say that I have an excuse for all of these things, but that’s just rationalization and laziness. What I need is to bring order back to some of the chaos. I’m not quite sure how to go about that, but the first step has to be to stop talking about it and start doing it. The writer’s workshop starts on Monday and that should help jump start the writing (I hope). I tried setting The Count of Monte Cristo aside for a while and instead read Charlie Stross’ new book, Saturn’s Children. We’ll see. I did get some exercise yesterday afternoon, bike-riding, but not yet back at the gym. We’ve got the fitness center at the new place which should help to take laziness out of the picture. As for eating, I just have to make sacrifices and do it.

Some amount of order is what I need. It’s what always works for me. The move has thrown things out of whack but we’re finally settling down (although there’s still lots of wedding stuff to do). But I’ll get there, eventually.


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