It’s all a matter of taste

 Productive day at work, mostly working on data migration scripts.  I listed to three full Metallica albums in the morning, first time I’ve done that in a while.  (And because strausmouse  will ask which ones:  Master of Puppets, And Justice for All, and The Black Album.)  We had our "end of summer" BBQ lunch today and that was nice.  The weather was perfect for it.

I finally finished up Rainbows End today.  More on that later.  After work, I watched a Tivo’d episode of The Shield, which is now in it’s final season.  I somehow missed the season premier, but the episode I watched today was the second one of the season.  After that, I finally started in on part one of Rob Sawyer‘s new novel, Wake, which is being serialized in ANALOG.  Like all of Rob’s stuff, it’s terrific so far, and I plan on finished it up tomorrow.  It was funny reading the first part because I could hear Rob reading it in my head.  He had read a portion of the novel at Readercon and I had his interpretation of it going through my head as I read it.

We had our tasting tonight at the Governor Calvert Inn.  I was expecting it to be a thing where all of the couples getting married over the next few months were gathered together to do the tasting, but it was just the two of us, with the wedding person.  It was outstanding.  There was so much good food.  We already picked our main courses (but we got to try everything anyway), but this gave us the opportunity to taste the sides and the appetizers.  I think we tasted 6 appetizers and had to narrow it down to three.  That was probably the hardest.  We finally settled on crab cakes, quiche and this delicious wasabi tuna on a wonton.  I loved the lamb and the sauce that it was cooked in, but I think I’m in a minority when it comes to lamb.  We even met with the executive chef, who was really nice.  We got all of our questions answered and we’re feeling pretty good.

We also narrowed the first dance song down to two choices.

I had no time today to write up the critiques for the workshop, but I promised to get them done first thing tomorrow morning.

Oh, and I noticed that NBC once again has its shows on the iTunes store, so I downloaded season 4 of The Office.  It’s the completist in me, what can I say.


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