Grow old along with me

We overslept today.  It was almost 7 AM before we finally crawled out of bed.   Once again, I had a pretty rotten night’s sleep.  The first half wasn’t so bad, but then, sometime in the middle of the night, an alarm clock went off that shouldn’t have gone off and that got us both restless for much of the remainder of the night.  I finally got to sleep sometime around 5:30 only to have to get up a little more than an hour later.

I packed my lunch and we headed into the office.  I was fairly productive today, and I’ve got a number of things to work on tomorrow.  I certainly felt like I put in a full day, despite the late start.  I left the office half an hour later than usual.

Once home, I did some chores and then picked up Kelly from work.  We had chef salad for dinner and lazed around for much of the evening.  She’s heading to the gym now but I’m too wiped to go tonight.

I did my week 4 assignment for the writers workshop.  This week’s assignment was on dialog.  I rewrote my opening scene and I ended up doing 1,600 words today, which is remarkably well for me, considering I put in a full workday.

Still haven’t finished Rainbows End, but I’m getting close.  I’m about 300 pages through the book.  It’s a bizarre read, but I’m far enough into it to want to know what the whole mystery is about.

We had some rain today.  It’s supposed to be "fall-like" tomorrow.


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