Any given Sunday

For such a productive day, I’ve felt pretty darn lazy today.  Maybe it’s the 95 degree temperatures and 95% humidity.

I slept in a little later than usual, but we didn’t got to bed until around midnight last night anyway, so time-wise, it was pretty standard.  But I did sleep well.

We had our dance lesson this morning at 10:30.  It was a private lesson and it went surprisingly well.  We brought with us our First Dance Song (yes, we narrowed our list down in time) and Lauren determined the best kind of dance to go along with the song.  She taught us the basic steps, and some basic dance principles, like how to lead, etc.  She showed us some additional moves we could throw in, showed us how some simple things could make it look more clean, and then showed us how to do a proper entrance and exit.  The whole thing took an hour, but we both felt more confident coming out.  We need to practice, but we have four weeks to clean things up and smooth the rough edges.  And you know what?  It was fun!

After the dance lesson, we headed over to the Men’s Wearhouse so that I could get a new suit.  See, my old dark suit no longer fits me properly.  Perhaps because it’s just over 7 years old.  I need a good formal (dark) suit for the honeymoon cruise, so we decided to go get a new one.  After looking at several options, I finally settled on a dark Calvin Kline Kenneth Cole suit.  I was fitted, and I should have the suit one week from Monday.

We stopped at Pet Smart to get a new scratching post for Zeke, and then we headed over to a nearby Mexican Restaurant, Don Pablo’s for lunch.  After lunch we came back home and since then, things have been incredibly lazy.  In fact, I ended up napping for a while this afternoon.  Kelly is at the gym at the moment, and I am going to do some more reading.  It’s really too hot to do anything else.


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