30 song challenge, day 9: a song you can dance to

I can dance to just about any song if your definition of “dance” is as liberal as mine is: movements of the body roughly in synch with the music–or not. But since I am trying to treat this challenge with the spirit that was intended then the song that comes to mind as one that I can reliably dance to is:

Stand by R.E.M.

Michael Stipe virtually teaches you how to do this dance in the video. It is simple and easy, and in fact, the Little Man can probably do this dance as well as I can. Let’s face it, since we’re all friends here. To be perfectly honest, I might be able to dance if I had much of an interest in it and pursued it the way I pursued other interests and practiced for a really, really, really long time. But I prefer to listen to the music, to sing along, and to play the air drums or air guitars. I’ll leave the dancing to the experts.


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