Election day, part 1

I was up ridiculously late last night–until almost 2 AM.  I started playing Tiger Woods 2009 at around 9:30 PM and ended up in a tournament that I eventually won, but it took a long, long time.  I can’t recall the last time I did something like that.  Nevertheless, I was up at 6:30 this morning, excited for election day.

Yesterday was a strange day at work.  I couldn’t find my groove, but I am feeling much better this morning.  I finally got to talk to vickyandnorm  yesterday.  We had played phone tag for a while.

I’m planning on leaving work at 3 PM to go vote.  Lines in "battleground" Virginia are expected to be long, even though we have early voting and a record number of people made use of it.  I hope that by avoiding "peak" hours, I won’t have to wait too long.  I’m very excited about the election today.  Six key states close early (by 8 PM Eastern) and Virginia is one of them.  It looks like if Obama takes Indiana or Virginia, we are in good shape.  If he takes both, we may have a landslide on our hand.  I still have no doubt that Obama will win–now it’s just a matter of by how much.


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