As I mentioned, my sleep cycle is off somewhat.  Not only that, but I’m back into a phase of disturbing dreams.  Last night’s were a doozy, no doubt thanks to watching two episodes of Dexter.  A dream where you beat someone on the head repeatedly with a giant slab of freshly minted cash is not among my staples.  I’m fascinated by the psychology of sleep and I have a good understanding of what dreams are all about (and it’s not the nonsense that Freud, et. al. spouted about 100 years ago).  Brain scientists are coming to understand the function of sleep more and more.  There are an array of sleep aids available to those who need them.  But here is my simple wish:

I wish that I could sleep without dream, and without waking up for eight straight hours.  And do this on a regular basis.

I know, I know, I’m dreaming!  Whenever I see a little baby or cat sound asleep, softly purring, or making whatever sleeping noise a baby makes, I grow intensely jealous.  (Most people, I’m sure, just go, "Awwww.")  Someone needs to figure out why babies and cats sleep so well and so soundly and why this goes to pot as we get older.  And once they figure it out, they need to do something about it.  That would be an invention to rival the iPhone.

NOTE: LiveJournal is moving locations today, so there will be some downtime.  My apologies in advance if you can’t read this.


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