Today was a productive day.  We were up around 8 AM and after watch a movie in the morning, I started putting the new grill together at 10 AM.  I finished at 12:30 (having gone through my Life On Mars playlist), and we moved the new grill out onto the deck (where, by the way, the temperature must have been about 20 degrees).  I’ll post some pictures tomorrow.

Next, I got rid of all of the trash and recycling, and then vacuumed the downstairs.  It looks so much better now that that’s been done.  Kelly’sUncle called asking for some help with his iPhone and I called him back and offered my suggestions.  Our garage door wasn’t working right this morning.  It opened up just fine, but wouldn’t close.  I called maintenance, and they came by and "fixed" it (they said mine was the second this had happened to today, and that the cold was likely the cause).  I say "fixed" because later this evening, it wasn’t working again, and I had to open and close the door manually.  I’ll have to call maintenance again tomorrow.  Spoke to Mom early in the afternoon and then, finally, I could take a break.

Kelly and I played Wii for a while and around 3:30, Sarah came over and we headed to the movie theater to see Madagascar 2.   It was the first time I’d seen a "cartoon" movie since I was a kid.  Actually, the jokes were pretty funny.  (I loved it when one of the penguins, cursing his lack of opposable thumbs, cried out, "Damn you, Darwin!")  When the movie was over, we came back to the house for a little while before heading out to dinner at Noodles.

I’m spending the rest of the evening sitting by the fireplace, reading my science magazines.


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