Christmas Day, 2008

We were up early and even Logan was up early in anticipation of opening presents this morning.  As always, it was a lot of fun.   I got Kelly some Christmas movies that she was missing (Elf, and some Charlie Brown Christmas cartoons).  I also got her this little silver elephant whose prehensile trunk can be used as a ring-holder.  Her big gift this year is a new MacBook, which we will pick up this weekend when we are back home.  She got me lots of little things too: new gloves, a scarf, a Yankees desk calendar, a baseball game for Wii, a cool little tripod for our digital camera, a couple of new shirts.  My big gift was a new pair of Oakley sunglasses.  My old pair lasted a while, but got a bad scratch in the left lens.  So it was time for a new pair.

Kelly’s parents got us a bunch of baby books, Goodbye Moon and others like it.  I also got a gift card to Barnes & Noble, which always comes in handy.  Jason and Logan got us a really nice-looking stroller for the baby.  We saw a picture of it (the actual stroller will be delivered to our house).  I got a new sweater and there were lots of other little gifts.  Logan really made out.  We got Kelly’s parents a Garmin GPS.  It was a fun Christmas morning.

Kelly’s aunt and uncle came over around 1 PM and we had a pick Christmas dinner that included turkey and mashed potatoes and stuffing and corn and green bean casserole, and rolls, you name it.  It was delicious!  By the time they left, somewhere around 6:30 PM, we were tired and Kelly was exhausted.  So it’s off to bed!  We have a whole day to rest tomorrow, before we head home on Saturday.


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