Good People

My grandpa was fond of saying that 99% of all people are good people. Growing up, I never question what my grandpa said, but generally agreed with him. Growing older my experience in the world has taught me that the number is probably somewhat lower than what my grandpa believe. But there are times when my faith is restored.

A few weeks ago, Kelly took the Little Man and the Little Miss to a local train museum. Passing through the gift shop afterward, Kelly told the Little Man he could pick something out in the small gift shop. The Little Man found something, but when they went to check out, Kelly learned that they took only cash–and she didn’t have any cash with her. The Little Man was devastated and began balling.

The man who volunteered in the shop noticed this sobbing and inquired about it. Kelly explained. After the explanation, the man pulled out seven dollars from his wallet, the price of the toy the Little Man picked out. “Here is the seven dollars to buy the toy,” he said, “and here is an envelope with my address. Mail it back when you can.”

The Little Man left happy. Kelly returned with the stamped, addressed envelope, and the next day, she put a $5 bill and a $2 bill inside. Also included, was a thank you note from the Little Man, on which he wrote his own name. I mailed the envelope the next day.

It was a little thing, but it was a huge thing, too. It showed the Little Man (to say nothing of his parents) that there are good and trusting people in the world who seem to appear when you need them most. In the comic books, these people are called superheroes.

In the vernacular of my grandpa,  they are the 99%.


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