250,000 Words

Last night, while I was restarting1 my current work-in-progress for the third (and hopefully final) time, I passed a milestone. Somewhere during my writing session I passed 250,000 words of fiction written since February 28th of this year. A quarter of a million words! Wow!

And when I get my writing in today, it will be my 140th consecutive day of writing, tying my previous record of 140 days set back in July. Which means tomorrow, Monday, I have a chance to break my old record and set a new one. And then keep is going for as long as I can manage. I hope to be able to write more while on vacation, and if that turns out to be the case, there is a small, but not unrealistic chance that I will pass the 300,000 word-mark for 2013.

I have now written for 282 out of the last 284 days, going all the way back to February. If I can keep it up while I am on vacation, I still have a shot of hitting 300 days that I wrote in 2013.

  1. I  got more than 11,000 words into the first attempt before realizing the story wasn’t working. I got more than 6,000 words into my second attempt. But I think I’ve got things sorted out and I think I know why I was having problems with the story. Third time’s a charm, right?


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