Yesterday Was a Good Day for Writing

I was home with the Little Man yesterday and so I had a little more time than usual to get in some writing. Turned out to be a record-setting day for me–at least for the 65 days that I’ve been keeping automated records:

Writing Record


I managed to write nearly 3,200 words of fiction yesterday, which, as you can see from my almanac record above, broke my previous record of 2,259 words back on March 27. I did it in two sessions. The first, while the Little Man was napping, nabbed me 2,000 words. The second, late in the afternoon, got me another 1,200 words. I was very pleased. And yet, having given it some thought, I think I was more impressed by Sunday’s effort, which netted me only 250 words. The reason is that Sunday was so incredibly busy and hectic, that under ordinary circumstances, I wouldn’t even tried to get any writing done. But I didn’t want to break the chain. I wanted to maintain my streak, and so when 15 minutes of time presented itself, I jumped on it and wrote as much as I could squeeze into that 15 minute period.

It’s a good sign. Even when there isn’t much time, or I don’t particularly feel like writing, I am getting the writing done.


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