I Wrote 8,200 Words Yesterday!

Check out my Daily Almanac1 entry for yesterday. When I saw it this morning, I really couldn’t believe it:

Daily Almanac

I managed to write over 8,200 words yesterday. I also set a record for the most blogging I’ve done in one day. Of course, most of this was the post I wrote answering people’s questions on paperless lifestyle. I answered 28 questions in that post and the post turned out to be over 6,600 words long.

Even so, I still managed to add about 1,600 words to my work in progress, which now stands somewhere around 55,000 words.

Last Saturday, I set a record for fiction writing, getting in about 5,300 words for the day. Yesterday it was 6,300 for blogging. I imagine those records will stand for a while, as they are kind of difficult to repeat. I could feel it in my fingers yesterday. They felt worn out at the end of the day.

So was I.

  1. This is generated automatically as part of my Google Writing Tracker scripts. I’ve made some of these scripts available on GitHub, but haven’t had a chance to put the Daily Almanac up there yet.


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