Look What Arrived in the Mail Today!

Me and the Sun

I got back from a writing session at the Arlington Central Library (where I added 3,200 words to my WIP) to find this waiting at home for me. My copy of the Beyond the Sun anthology, edited by Bryan Thomas Schmidt,  in which my story, “Flipping the Switch” appears.  For those who might be curious, here is the table of contents:

BTS Table of Contents

I am nested right there toward the top between Kristine Kathryn Rusch, and my friend Brad Torgersen. I’m still amazed looking through the table of contents and seeing just who I am in the company of. My friend Nancy Fulda is there. So are writers who I have been reading for a long, long time like Nancy Kress, and Robert Silverberg.

This is the first time a story of mine has appeared in an original anthology and it is very exciting to finally have a copy in my hands.




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