The Little Man’s Little City

I was in my office doing some work. Kelly and the Little Miss were at the grocery store. The Little Man wanted to go downstairs. He would have preferred if someone had gone down with him, but he was okay with me just turning on the lights and putting on the TV for him.

I went back up to my office and worked. I noticed that it was pretty quiet down in the office and that sometimes makes me nervous. But I figured I’d leave the Little Man alone. Eventually, he came up to tell me to come look at his city. Turns out, he’d been so quiet because he was focusing intently on building a rather elaborate city.

Little City

It reminded me of a time when I was not much older than the Little Man, when I decided to build a wall around our family room. I used my building blocks and it seems to me I was able to build a wall pretty much all the way around the room (my memory might be playing tricks with me). Of course, the wall was only about 3 inches tall.


    1. Paul, I checked with him this morning and he said it’s called “The Vill of the City.” I’m not sure of the spelling of “Vill” but that is my best guess. 🙂


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