Playing Trains with the Little Man

Last night, the Little Man and I played trains. Usually, he plays with his trains down in the family room where all of his various tracks and tables and paraphernalia are located, but yesterday, he was feeling Puckish, perhaps thanks to his pink-eye, and brought a basket of wooden tracks up to my office. Together, we build a fairly elaborate, a completely random track layout.

Playing Trains

We took a break to eat dinner, and then returned to drive our trains around the track. To add atmosphere to our play time, I put on this song, which I remember seeing on Sesame Street or Electric Company or something like that when I was a kid. The Little Man had seen it many times before, too, but it made the game all the more fun:

We both had a blast. Later that evening, when we were finishing playing and the Little Man had his bath and it was time for me to put drops in his eyes, I managed to get the drops in quickly and easily without the panic or tears1 that had come on previous attempts.

I blame it on the train.

  1. From him, not from me, although I can understand the confusion.


  1. When I become a father, this is something I hope I can do too. There’s something just quintessentially “fatherly” about playing with a trainset with your kid.

  2. I fell in the miniature trains world at 10. Now, at more than 50, watching them during hours is a way for me to escape from the real world.
    I have just to wait for my daughters to leave to nest to extend it through several rooms 😉
    (My trains circuit is based on german Märklin brand)


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