A Few More Minor Tweaks to the Blog

I finally disabled the JetPack for WordPress plug-in this afternoon. It has some nice features and I’ve used it for years, but it was also the culprit for some problems on the back-end, mostly while submitting posts. It was frustrating enough to where even the nice features were not worth the hassle.

Two of the nice features that JetPack provided were social media comments and my Twitter feed in the sidebar. I have replaced both of these functions with other widgets. When you leave a comment, you can just fill in the comment boxes, or you can use your Facebook or Twitter credentials. I’m looking to see if I can add WordPress to the mix as well.

And I found a seemingly reliable widget for including my tweets in the sidebar. There may be a few features that are missing, but I don’t think you should notice much else that is different. (On the back end, I can no longer use the WordPress Stats module, but I can get my data from Google Analytics just fine.)


    1. Thanks for the tip. I’ll check out that social plug-in. In the meantime, I’ve been creating some pretty cool dashboards in Google Analytics. There is actually a lot more data there, but I did like WordPress’s simple stats interface.


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