New Blog Feature: Daily Writing Almanac Widget

Since I have automated the process of producing a Daily Writing Almanac that summarizes my daily writing and sends it to Evernote, I thought I’d made those nightly summaries available on the blog. Beginning today, you will notice a new sidebar widget called Daily Writing Stats. It looks something like this:

Daily Writing Stats

The sidebar will contain my daily writing almanac entries for up-to the last 7 days. You can tell from the subject line of each which day the entry is for. The most recent entry (for yesterday) will always be on top.

How it works

For those curious as to how this works, it’s pretty simple: I’ve modified my Daily Almanac script to send a post to a Tumblr blog, in addition to Evernote. The list produced in the sidebar is an RSS feed of my writing stats tumblr blog.

For people who want to access it directly, here is my Writing Stats Tumblr Blog.

Now you can follow along each day and see how much I’ve written. The posts also identify and lists streaks, record days in which I beat previous word count records, blogging word counts, etc. The format of the almanac posts may change slight over the next few days as I tweak them, but the content is pretty consistent.


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