The New Record!

When I woke up this morning, the first thing I did, even before checking to see if the Federal Government was closed1 due to the snow storm, was to check my latest Daily Almanac entry.

My Daily Almanac is generated automatically from the data that my scripts collect about my writing, and is sent to a notebook in Evernote once a day. It summarizes the day’s writing and includes interesting information, like any new records I’ve set. Look at what I saw this morning:

New Record

Yesterday, I officially beat my old record of writing for 140 consecutive days. The 849 words I wrote yesterday made it 141 consecutive days of writing. The last time I missed a day of writing was way back on July 21 (when I spent my day flying home from the Launch Pad Astronomy Workshop). I expect that record to keep growing, as I have no intention of breaking the streak, if at all possible.

Note also that yesterday was the 284th out of the last 286 days that I have managed to write. Sixteen more day and I’ll hit 300 writing days in 2013. (I didn’t start counting until February 27 so I lost 2 months at the start). I should hit that on the day after Christmas, December 26.

Anyway, I was pretty excited about breaking the record. My original record was set (and ended) while I was at Launch Pad. I remember thinking how long 140 days seemed, and that I had to start all over from Day 1. Well, 141 days is now here, and it feels pretty darn good. In those 141 days, I’ve written just over 141,000 words, which means I’ve averaged about 1,000 words/day for the last 141 days.

  1. My office closes when the Federal Government closes, which means I work from home, instead of in the office

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