Workout #5 (Cardio)

As I mentioned earlier, I didn’t get to the gym this morning, but I did go tonight, making me 5 for 5 this week.  I headed to the gym at about 8 PM for 40 minutes of cardio, followed by a full group of arm and shoulder exercises.  My lower body is very sore today–hard to climb the stairs, get into or out of the car, even get up from my chair.  But the cardio workout felt good and the 40 minutes flew by, in part thanks to watching some of Band of Brothers on my iPhone while I worked out.

I plan another workout tomorrow–a full arms/shoulders workout.  Tomorrow will also be the worst day of soreness for lower body.  But I’ll muddle through the day nevertheless.

Catching up on NEW SCIENTIST this weekend.  Going to read a bit before heading off to bed. 


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