Workout #6 (Arms/shoulders)

Well, I did it!  I completed my 6th workout for the week.  I managed 3 full strength workouts this weeks and 3 full cardio workouts, and I’m pretty happy with my first week back to a disciplined workout routine.  I’m hoping to keep up the pace this week.

I was up at about 8 AM, made some scrambled eggs and then had a bowl of cereal.  I headed to the gym just about 9 AM.  I did a full arms and shoulders workout, lifting a total of 12,145 pounds.  That’s still about 5,000 pounds short of my best, but I’m just getting back into things and I was very satisfied with how I did today.  The toughest things were the pull-ups.  I was setting out to do sets of 6 and I managed 5 for the first set and 3 each for the remaining two sets.  But, they were in the last workout group so my arms were already pretty tired.  It’s something to work toward.

Tomorrow (Sunday) is my day off from workouts, and then it’s back to it first thing Monday morning.


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