Workout #9 (Cardio)

Up at 3:50 AM after not getting to sleep until after 11 PM, and then sleeping intermittently most of the night.  Had a bowl of cereal for breakfast, and then headed to the gym at about 5:50 AM.

Did a full cardio workout even though I wasn't sure I'd make it.  At the 20 minute mark I felt like giving up, but I pushed on through and completed the full 40 minute cardio workout.  After that, I did a full group of lower body exercises in preparation for a full lower body workout tomorrow.  Because I'm heading up to Albany on Saturday, I plan on swapping workouts this week.  I will probably do back-to-back strength workouts Thursday (lower body) and Friday (arms and shoulders).  Saturday will be my off day and Sunday, if I can manage it, I'll do some light cardio–possibly a short run up at strausmouse  and rmstraus's.  I'll get back to the regular schedule Monday evening.

It was warm this morning and the temperature is going to be close to 70 today.  Too bad I'll be inside working for most of the day. 

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