Training Day 1

St. Patrick’s Day!

Today was the first day of three days worth of training that I am leading at work.  I’ve been preparing for this training for the last month, creating the materials, getting the courses built, organizing the training.  Day 1 went okay.  There are 6 people being trained in my office, and about 10 more in Santa Monica.  We fell behind at times, but somehow managed to catch up and finish on time.  Still, the training began at 8 am and lasted until 5 pm and I was exhausted by the end of the day.

After work, Kelly and I made a quick stop at the grocery store.  She went to the gym and I cooked dinner.  I’d forgotten to eat today, so I was pretty hungry.  I made us Chicken Marsala and also made some chunky broccoli soup to go along with it.  It hit the spot!

My plan was to get the second half of the final line edits done on the February story, but I was too tired.  Kelly and I went for a walk, and then I vegged on the couch for 40 minutes until I finally went up to bed to read more of The Year’s Best Science Fiction, 22nd Annual Edition.

I’ve got training Day 2 all day tomorrow.

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