Roll-out stress

Every time we get near the end of a software project, the rollout stress becomes almost unbearable.  Each time I think how I never want to go through this again, but somehow, I get through it.  What hasn’t helped much this time around is the fact that my right hand is still in a lot of pain.  I have a pretty high tolerance for pain and so I don’t think I realize how bad it sometimes gets.  Last night, it was bad enough for me to sleep in the guest room so that I didn’t disturb Kelly with my tossing and turnings.  She has a difficult enough time sleeping, being more than 7 months pregnant.

I called my doctor this morning and left a message to see if he can recommend someone closer to home who can take a look at it.  Initially, he told me that if it wasn’t better when I got back from L.A., I should see this other doctor he often refers people to up in P.G. County.  But I don’t have the time to go up to P.G. County.  Something closer would be nice and so I am hoping I hear from him today.  Also, I don’t think the weather is helping any.  Or the fact that I am spending my days typing.  But what can I do?

On a more positive note, we have our first baby class tonight, part one in a series of four weekly classes on birthing.  We have other classes scattered through April as well, but tonight is our first.  We are supposed to bring two pillows and a blanket and meet in the hospital lobby.  I don’t suppose it will be difficult identifying the other class members.

I watched the series finale of Life on Mars last night.  Without giving any spoilers away, all I’ll say is that I was actually pretty happy with the ending, although there were similarities to a Joe Haldeman novel from a few years back that didn’t make it completely original.  But it was a satisfying conclusion.

I watched a couple of more episodes of Cosmos yesterday and I’m still enjoying it.  I had intended to get some writing done, but work stress, to say nothing of my hand kept me from it.  No, that’s not entirely true.  I could have written something, but I was just plain lazy.

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