Ribs, Anyone?

So I’ve complained here and there about the pain in my ribs. I injured them thanks to the bad cough I had for something like 3 weeks. One of the worst coughs I can remember, in fact. I visited the doctor back on January 1, and they gave me medicine for the cough, plus antibiotics, and eventually, the cough went away. But my ribs continues to get worse. While changing a light bulb, the bulb slipping from my hand and I lunged for it, catching it and preventing it from shattering on the bathroom counter, but at the same time, made my ribs worse. It almost felt like a pop! inside my rib cage. It has been difficult to find a comfortable position to sleep, it hurts when pull open a door with my right hand. It’s made me grouchy and not fun to be around. Yesterday, I gave in and went back to the doctor.

I have a fractured rib, which explains the pain, explains the pop, explains the sound in one lung that the doctor heard (I’m “favoring” the other somehow, when I take deep breaths.) In short, I’ve probably been walking around with a cracked rib for a few weeks.

The fix: try to keep my torso still. No twisting, no lifting. Lots of heat and Advil. If it is not better in 2 weeks, they will take another look at it. So there you go, yet another way in which getting older is steadily creeping up on me.


  1. Jamie, that’s not age, I wouldn’t say. I didn’t crack a rib, but I did sprain my muscles from coughing pretty badly, and that was in my 20’s. I think the coughing sucks, and it sounds like the lightbulb incident was, well, unfortunate. I’m feeling for you big time. I hope you heal quickly!

  2. Wow, ouch. I broke several ribs last March and the only restriction they put me on was no heavy lifting and if something hurt when doing it to stop and not do it again for a week or so.

  3. Same thing happened to a friend of mine. Turns out his rib(s) were “out of place”. Kind of like a dislocation. Chiropractor fixed it. Feel better!


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