Books Received, 1/22/2013

Two books arrived in the mail today, one of which I was particularly excited about and one of which I’ve received before in a slightly different form. First up is Red Planet Blues by Robert J. Sawyer (Viking) Rob has been incredibly kind and encouraging to me as a writer, ever since I first met him back in 2007. This time was no different. My copy of the book arrived inscribed by Rob. The book comes out on March 26, 2013. I remember that because it is the day before my birthday.

Red Planet Blues.jpg

Also in the mail today was the TOR hard cover edition of Kalimpura by Jay Lake. I’d received an uncorrected proof of this book a few months back and now I have the final hardcover edition, which is very cool.



  1. Nice!

    I suspect the Sawyer is the obvious book for you to read first

    I lament my Charlie Brown-esque mailbox that way. Few publishers know me well enough to send me stuff directly.

    1. Paul, yes, I’m looking forward to Rob’s book, even though the review won’t be out in IGMS until March. I’m currently reading Steven Gould’s Impulse and that review along with one other book will be up on InterGalactic Medicine Show in February.

      When I started doing the reviews for IGMS, they gave my name to several of the big publishers and once or twice a week, I find books on my door step or an email from a publicist asking if I would be interested in a book. But in the case of Rob, I know him and asked him to put me in touch with the publicist. But Rob is a good guy and not only gave me the info I was looking for but sent me a copy of the book as well.


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