Falling behind

Lately, I feel like I’m falling behind in just about everything.  I’m even having trouble keeping the blog up-to-date, which for the most part, hasn’t been a problem for me.  There is just so much going on.  At work, I’m trying to get the biggest project of the year wrapped up and I’m being pulled in 20 different directions.  I can’t find more than 20 minutes at a time to get scraps of work done before I’m pulled off in another direction.  Outside work, I also feel like I’m falling behind.  There are lots of things to get done and I keep finding ways of distracting myself.  And this, despite the fact that the baby hasn’t even arrived yet!

I’m hoping to regain some control beginning today and throughout the weekend.  First, I hope to get the blog up-to-date including this past weekend and a few days that I’ve skipped earlier in the week.  Second, there’s a bunch of chores at home that need doing and I hope to get them done this weekend.  This morning, I paid several medical bills that have been sitting around.  They are not due until the end of the month, but I needed to get them out of the way.  I also need to mail away the check for the money we owe to the federal government (the tax returns have already been filed electronically).

I normally finish reading I. Asimov by April 6, but I am only about 3/5ths of the way through it on April 10, another sign that I am behind.  I haven’t done any writing in 2 weeks, so that the March story is floundering 10 days into April.  I haven’t been to the gym in quite a while (although I’m more focused on getting my hand healthy again).  I have noticed that I’ve lost some weight, but I can’t say it’s been conscious.  I think it’s a combination of working too hard and eating too little.

I have a stack of 7 science magazines on which I am behind.  The earliest dates back to the week of February 28.  I expect to have another one in the mail today and that will make 8 magazines to catch up on.  I’ve barely skimmed the recent Asimov’s and Analog.

I’m behind in record-keeping.  While I have notes on scraps of paper about when I submitted a story or when I received a rejection slip, I have not updates my files for months.  The same is true for my reading list, which is lagging behind by about a month now.  I hope to get both of these files updated over the weekend.

And then there is baby-related stuff.  We’ve now attended two classes, but I feel like we’re behind in getting ready for the baby at home.  We need to get our crib set up.  We need to order our glider chair.  We need to start preparing our hospital bag and various checklists.  We will have company in town in three weeks and we need to start thinking about that.  People have told me that your life changes dramatically once the baby arrives.  I think it changes sooner.  As someone who is usually pretty good about staying on top of things, this falling behind is out of character.  Life is fragmented at the moment, with little snippets of things getting done here and there but not enough at any one time to feel like I am making forward progress.  I hope I can change that this weekend.

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