Fun with FitBit Data: Seasonal Activity on Weekdays and Weekends

I thought it might be interesting to take a look at all of my steps in the last year or so, but breaking them down into seasons and weekends vs. weekdays. I’ve done just that in the charts below. These charts1 are not composites of my daily walking. They are total steps for the seasons on weekdays and weekends. Each bar represents a 5-minute interval, and when you see one such interval with 4,000 steps, that is across the entire season, not a single day. Still, provides some insight into daily patterns, and especially differences between those patterns on weekdays and weekends, as well as seasonal differences.

Summer 2013


Summer 2013 - Weekday


Summer 2013 - Weekend

Fall 2013


Fall 2013 - Weekday


Fall 2013 - Weekend

Winter 2014


Winter 2014 - Weekday


Winter 2014, Weekends

I did not include the spring of 2014 as we are only partway through the spring and the without a complete set of data, there is no means for comparisons with other seasons.

A few observations:

  1. While summer and fall are relatively close on weekdays, there is a big difference between summer and winter.  On peak summer days, my morning walks totaled more than 4,500 steps in each 5-minute interval over the course of the summer. For that same time in winter, the number was barely 3,500 steps, a thousands steps less in each 5-minute interval. The weather plays a big factor in how much walking I do between summer and winter.
  2. The patterns in the weekday data is consistent, even though the numbers vary from season to season. I am creature of habit when it comes to my walking.
  3. Patterns are virtually nonexistent on weekends. About the only consistency I see is a low step count around 3 pm across all seasons. I suspect this is because we’re typically home at this time, and the kids are napping.

I’ll try to remember to post a follow-up when I have a complete data set for the spring. Although I suspect the patterns for weekdays will look much like the Summer and Fall.


  1. The data comes from some Google App scripts I have that pull by minute-by-minute steps data from FitBit using their API. The data was crunched and the charts were generated using Mathematic.

One comment

  1. You have some past posts on embedding live data into your desktop. Have you thought about how to embed a live feed of fitbit data onto your desktop next?


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