A Typical Weekday in 2013 Based on Quantified Self Data

Yesterday, I happened to notice that on my Audible app, I passed 30 days of listening to audiobooks in 2013. That means I spent 1/12th of my year listening to books. I thought that was a pretty amazing statistic, and I wondered how much of my day I could piece together based on data that I collect. Turns out, I have enough data to capture over 80% of what occupied my time on a typical weekday.

Using that data, I put together the following chart. This is what a typical weekday looked like for me in 2013. I used weekday, because there are more than twice as many weekdays as weekends and I generally know that I am working at the day job during the day. Put another way, I have more reliable data for weekdays than weekend.

Typical Weekday in 2013

Working down the list, here are the sources for the data that makes up the chart:

  • Sleeping: data comes from my FitBit Flex. I used the aggregate data for hours slept each night.
  • Reading: data comes from the Audible app. Obviously, this counts only audiobooks and not reading I do using traditional, e-books, or online, but I think it is a pretty good estimate.
  • Writing: data comes from my Google Writing Tracker scripts. Back in October I added some code that allows me to track the time I spend writing. The percentage, not displayed here, is about 3.2% of my day.
  • Working: I typically work 8 hours a day a the day job and that is the number I used here.
  • Walking: data comes from my FitBit Flex. I only used “very active” minutes aggregated for the year. Very active minutes are my “exercise” walks each day. The number does not include the general walking around I do throughout the day outside my walks.
  • Untracked: the 19.6% of my time that is untracked includes everything else that goes on during a typical weekday: commuting to and from work, picking up the kids from school, eating dinner, family time, getting kids ready for bed, etc.

I think this makes a pretty accurate, to say nothing of interesting, picture of a typical weekday in 2013. Even more interesting will be to compare this data to what it will look like for 2014.



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