Why do they call it a C-section?*

We had another baby class tonight, this time focusing on c-sections. Since Kelly is having a planned C-section, we were particularly interested in this one. I must say that when we watched the video of a (planned) C-section, I could feel the emotions building up. At one point, the doctor said, “Okay, the head is out,” and two seconds later, the baby could be heard crying his eyes out. Wow! Just like that.

There were some other funny stories that took place. There is the Case of the Missing Penis, which involves a panicked mom and a moil, but is not what you think.  Kelly still found my patterned breathing amusing, but then she managed to fall asleep during class, something which I have assured her she will never live down.

It was a smaller group tonight because a few couples were absent. It made the class less formal and a lot more questions were asked, it seemed to me. Naturally, since this was the night that was of particular interest to us, I managed to leave our book at home and therefore was not able to take notes. Our collective memory will have to suffice.

We have a full C-section class on Sunday at Fairfax Inova.

Off to bed early tonight.  I’m tired for some reason.

* I know why they call it a C-section, but I prefer Isaac Asimov’s answer: “Because they cut you with seezers…”

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