C-section class

We had our full c-section class tonight at Fairfax Inova.  What a difference a hospital makes.  To this point, all of our classes have been at the nearby-but-much-smaller Alexandria Inova hospital.  But we are having the baby at Fairfax, a little farther away, and much bigger.  It made sense, therefore, to take the c-section class there.

The class was not nearly as good as the classes we’ve been getting a Alexandria.  There were a number of reasons for this:

  • They got off on the wrong foot.  The letter we received said to meet in the lobby, which we did. However, we didn’t see the microscopic signs at the lobby desk directing us to the 7th floor classroom.
  • Once we got to the classroom, we found it to be tiny.  I’m talking a fifth the size of the room in which we have our regular birthing class.  This was further complicated by the fact that while there are a total of 13 people including instructor in our regular class, there were 16 people crammed into this little room.   There weren’t even enough chairs!
  • The instructor seemed completely disjointed.  Kelly thought she might be hungover.  I thought perhaps she was sleep deprived.  She was very difficult to follow.  She couldn’t seem to hold a thought in her head.  She lacked any kind of confidence and often prefaced answers with so many caveats that the caveats themselves took twice as long to say as the answers to our questions.

On the other hand, the c-section film that we saw in this class was far better than the one we saw in our regular class.  We also got to tour some of the facilities, including the operating room.  (Yes, 16 of us crammed into the operating room, all of us wearing gowns, booties, masks, and hats.)  I was surprised that the operating room was just a room of the main hallway.  For some reason, I imagined it to be deep in a sub-basement of the facility.  (This is perhaps because my only experience with an operating room is when I had my tonsils removed at about 10 years old.  It seems to me I was wheeled deeper and deeper into the bowels of that hospital until, just before reaching the ninth level of hell, we came to the operating room.)

We did jot down a fair amount of notes and have several questions for our OB at our appointment on Friday.  But I’ve got to say that the class was not overly impressive.  It may not be entirely the fault of the instructor, but some of it was.  She was the polar opposite of the instructor we have for our regular class, and it made us feel lucky that we have such a good instructor for that one.

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