Paper work

We slept in an extra hour this morning.  I got up at 6 to feed the cats and then came back upstairs and we decided to sleep an extra hour.  It was nice in principle, but I had a pretty bad dream during that hour, which kind of spoiled it for me.

Made some good progress at work this morning, but got bogged down in other things this afternoon.  I did a lot of typing an mouse-work this morning and today, despite wearing my braces and taking my medication, my elbow and arm were really bothering me.

Kelly wanted orange chicken for dinner and so I made that, as well as some stir-fried green beans and carrots.  Got the latest issue of NEW SCIENTIST in the mail and I am now 8 science magazines behind.

Signed Kelly and I up for an Infant CPR and Pediatric First Aid class as Alexandria Inova.  The class takes place in mid-May.

I’m doing some volunteer work for SFWA and began looking into that today.  Not much work to do yet, but I was in touch with SFWAs secretary a few times with some suggestions.  I’m looking forward to this work.

Got back to work at the writing “job” this evening.  I didn’t actually write, but I spent two hours updating my writing records, which had gotten sorely out-of-date, particularly my submission log.  That has been brought up-to-date for the current year.   Most of the 2 hours were spent going through my 1996 diary to fill in some blanks on the log.  I’ll fill in blanks for 1997-2003 over the course of the rest of the month.  I also plan on getting back to work on the “March” story in the next couple of days.  And I’ve still got two stories out, one at ANALOG, and one at InterGalactic Medicine Show.

I’ve only gotten 18 pages into In Memory Yet Green.  I hope to make a little bigger dent before heading off to bed tonight.

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