Happy hours

My boss has been in town the last few days and yesterday he gave me a preview of my review–and his ratings turned out to be better than what I rated myself!  I was stuck in several meetings yesterday and in the last one, it was more or less decided to push back the rollout date of the big project I’ve been working on these last four months to the first weekend in June.  I have mixed feelings about this.  For one thing, we need some more time to finish; May 4th would have never worked.  I was pushing for mid-May, but logistically, that wasn’t going to work out.  For another, I’d just like to be done with this project.  I’ve got other commitments in May.  Finally, early June is dangerously close to the baby’s due date, which increases the chance they could lose me on the project for a several weeks after the baby arrives.

After work, we went to Happy Hour at Tortoise & Hare.  Lots of people showed up for this one.  It was for Leanna’s birthday and we toasted that, but they also toasted my second story sale, which was sweet.  Turns out that the place was pretty empty overall and that in one corner was Jamie Kennedy and Jennifer Love-Hewitt.  People kind of freaked at that, but after living in L.A. for more than 20 years, I was relatively non-plussed.

We left pretty early, came home, went for a walk, and then I went upstairs and rearranged the furniture in the bedroom in preparation for the crib we are getting today.

And speaking of furniture:  the ottoman we ordered form Babies R Us arrived at the store so we checked online to see if the glider was still available.  Although it said it was in stock, when we tried to order it, we got a message saying it was out of stock.  So we called the store and ordered it from them.  Looks like that will all work out.

We found out today that our backup daycare may be going out of business, so we now have to look at other alternatives.

I got the April 2009 issue of SCIENTIFIC AMERICAN in the mail today, and am now officially 10 science magazines behind.

Did a video chat with Jen last night and got to see Sadie.  Boy is she cute now!

I had another baby dream last night.

Supposed to be gorgeous weather today.  I’ve got a lot of house-cleaning today and then Todd is coming over with the crib around noon.  After that, I plan on sitting outside and getting a large chunk of reading done.  And later tonight we’re going to make use of the grill for the first time.

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