Writing Ahead

I have been having a blast writing the shorter posts that I’ve been doing lately here on the blog. It’s hard to recall when I have had more fun writing. And the reception of these posts—which jump from one topic to the next—seems generally positive.

I’ve been so happy that I have been writing a lot more than I have been posting. Not wanted to flood readers with lots of posts on a single day, I’ve taken to writing ahead. That is, I sometimes write two or three posts on a day, and then schedule them for the next available empty date on the blog’s editorial calendar.

A pattern, of sorts, has started to emerge from this. Scheduled posts appear at 9 am Eastern on the day for which they have been scheduled. Occasionally, I’ll write and post something same-day, and those posts appear at 3 pm Eastern. This post that you are reading is an example of the latter.

Writing ahead allows me to indulge in the joy I get from writing these posts, and yet not feel compelled to post what I’ve written the minute I am finished. I am doing my best to stick to one new post of substance each day, with an occasional exception here and there.

This can lead to a little confusion, and that is what I wanted to clarify here. In this morning’s post, I talked about sleeping in my guest room. I mentioned how I was sick and how I slept in the guest room yesterday. The “yesterday” is relative to the day on which I wrote the post. That was several days ago. At this point, I am over my cold, and it has been several nights since I’ve slept in the guest room.

I mention this because as I go through this particularly prolific period, the posts I have scheduled ahead are growing. As of this writing (on Tuesday, December 13, 2016), I have posts scheduled through next Tuesday (December 20). At the rate that I am writing, it will continue to extend out. At some point, the post that I write on a given day may not appear for several weeks.

I will do my best to keep this in mind when referring to relative times and dates in the posts, but I imagine that I will slip up occasionally. So just keep in my that in the morning posts, when you see references to “yesterday” or “tomorrow,” it is relative to the time I wrote the post, not the time it was published.

Going forward, I’ll do my best to make that more clear in the posts themselves.


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