Sunday wrap-up

Sunday turned out to be a long day.  Much to our delight, Zachary slept for longer periods of time.  For instance, he slept from about 8 pm until after 11 pm, which was great.  I allowed us to sit and watch True Blood and the season premier of Entourage without worrying that he would need something.  On the other hand, to every action there is an equal and opposite reaction, and after 11 pm, Zach kept me up most of the night.  I took the night shift and Zach and I stayed up watching movies until he was finally asleep sometime around 4 am.

Meanwhile, it was a pretty nice day.  The first day in a while that I thought it would be great to go out somewhere, to a park, for a little road trip, whatever.  But of course, we couldn’t do that because we’ve got the little guy.  Instead, I spent much of the day just reading.  I’ve been reading The Lord of the Rings (on my Kindle) and I finally finished The Fellowship of the Ring (after 15 days!) and started in on The Two Towers.  I also kept my eye on tweets and blog posts coming from Readercon, which I missed this year.

I had to go into the office for a little while today, to fix a problem that arose on Friday while I was out at our new home inspection.  While I was out, I picked up a couple of new books for Zachary and also did a bit of grocery shopping.

I’m working half-time until early August and for most of the this week, I am working afternoons, so at least I got to sleep in late today (10:30).  But I’m still more of a morning person and I’m still getting used to sleeping around Zach’s schedule.

I feel like the house is a bit of a mess.  I need to find some time to work on that.

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