They’re taking a mulligan

When I got into the office today, I had in my mailbox a card from Microsoft.  The front of the card was printed on sandpaper and it read:  We’re taking a mulligan! Inside, it continues (with a golf course fairway pictured in the background):

Yes, we’ve been in the sand lately.  But we’d love another shot.  We know you’ve asked not to be contacted by Microsoft, but we’ve improved how we communicate with our valued customers–you.  Our goal is to provide you with a business advantage so you can drive your business forward.

This brought to mind a number of things:

  1. Microsoft does not listen well.  I told them never to contact me.  This is an unlisted wall!  And they know that I’ve asked them not to be contacted.  But they did it anyway.  Strike one.
  2. I could be wrong, but it makes it sound like I am their only valued customer.  I wonder if this offends all of their other valued customers?  Strike two.
  3. They have already provided me with a business advantage with which to drive my business forward:  five years ago, they convinced me to switch to a Macintosh and I haven’t looked back since.  Strike three.

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