She’s Like the Wind

I’m listening to my "autobiography" playlist this morning, and Patrick Swayze’s song, "She’s Like the Wind" came on.  It was a little more poignant, knowing he’s dead now.  Now, some people may wonder why this song would be on the play list in the first place.  First, let me state here (as I have stated elsewhere) that the songs on the list are not necessarily songs I like or would choose–but they are songs that for some reason, cling to my memory and remind me of a certain time or place or event.

In the case of this song, it is definitely an event.  You ever know you were right about something only to have people insist that you were wrong?  Well!

I won’t use names, in order to protect the guilty, but they know who they are.  Back in my senior year in high school, I’d heard the song "She’s Like the Wind" and I also heard that it was performed by Patrick Swayze, which surprised me.  I didn’t think much of the song, other than the fact that Swayze sang it.  I mentioned this fact to some friends, and those friends proceeded to deny the fact.  No way, they said.  Patrick Swayze does not sing the song.  You’repulling my leg, etc., etc.  Nothing I could do would convince them of this plain truth.  (This was 1989, remember, before iPhones, Google, and the Internets.)

Well, one day, driving into work, the song came on the radio.  I insisted we listen to it and once again insisted it was Patrick Swayze.  Can’t be, they said.  I was foaming at the mouth, my face was blue, I was becoming apoplectic.

And just then, the song ended, and I will never forget the delight with which I listened to the DJ say, "That was ‘She’s Like the Wind’ by Patrick Swayze."

For some reason, neither of these two rascals said another word for the entire drive into work.


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