Cabin fever

Each of these two big storms we’ve had started on a Friday.  In a way that was lucky, I thought, because it meant the brunt of it would be over the weekend, and wouldn’t disrupt the workweek too much.  Not so for this latest blizzard.  Despite starting on a Friday, its one-two punch has now closed the Federal government for 4 straight days, including tomorrow.  In fact, these storms have now officially broken the 100-year snow records for the Washington, D.C. area.

Having a snow day is fun as a kid.  It can be fun as an adult, too.  It is even enjoyable with an eight-month-old baby.  As a kid, of course, the more snow-days, the better; kids never think too far ahead and don’t worry that the missed days will get tacked on at the end of the year.  As an adult, both Kelly and I are lucky in that we can work from home.  We live right next to Target and if our supplies run low, we can walk to get more.  But  we are now about to enter our seventh day of  this.  Believe me when I tell you: cabin fever has set in.  We are looking for any excuse to get outside.

After the storm subsided, and I had finished a significant amount of code-writing, I donned my snow gear and headed out into the glorious, cold gray sky.  I was surrounded by mountains of freshly fallen, fluffy-white snow.  Despite my face being stung by wind and snow, it felt really good to be out there.  I dug out our walkway, and dug out my car, before calling it a day.

A short time later, Kelly headed out to dig out her car.  She really needed to get out.  Cabin fever has been tougher on her than it has on me.  And while we have been working, she has done the bulk of caring for Zach.  You can imagine that gets tough.

But we have survived the 100-year storm, and no doubt, there will be winters in the future where we regale our children (and grandchildren) with stories of the storm, exaggerated for suitable effect.

Make no mistake: I am looking forward to spring!

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