Writing update

With the first two months of 2010 in the record books, here is a brief update of my progress so far this year:

  Jan Feb YTD
Days worked  11  9  21
Words written  12,212  8,479  20,691
Stories completed  1  1  2
Stories submitted  2  1  3

Despite writing only 10 days in February, they were 9 consecutive days, the last 9 days of the month.  Then, too, when you look at overall hours spent on writing, or writing-related activities it breaks down to 16 hours in January (just shy of 1.5 hours for each day worked) and 17 hours in February (1.8 hours for each day worked).  As of this morning I have written for each of the last ten mornings, spending a total of about 2 hours each morning either writing or revising.

I’ve gotten myself back into a good schedule.  During the week, I get up at 5am and write until 7am, when Kelly and the baby are still asleep.  On the weekends, I write from 7-9 am.

I have completed 2 stories this year, one very short, the other, a good sized novelette.  This morning, I started my third story of the year, which I hope won’t exceed 6,000 words, and with luck, will be turned into a completed first draft by Saturday.  I didn’t write as much this morning, as I have been, because I am taking this story a bit more slowly, writing a little more deliberately, and not planning things out as well as I normally do.  I want to see where this one takes me.

At present, I’ve got two stories "out" at various markets, and a new one being reviewed by trusted critiquers and fellow-writers before sending it out.  My goal was 20 new stories this year.  I’m 10% of the way there with 16% of the year gone by.  With some shorter stories in the spring, I should be able to pick up the pace a bit.


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