The night before NaNo

So, with 4 hours to the beginning of NaNoWriMo on the east coast (and 9 hours until my first NaNo writing session), I’m pretty much all set.  The first third of the novel is outlined in detail, giving me 15 chapters which should take me through November 15, and if I stick to my daily word count goal, 30,000 words.  I expect to have the next part of the novel outline complete by the end of the week.  I actually have some of it outlined, but I wanted to leave some breathing room in case things wander during the first third.

Scrivener is all set up and ready to go.  Chapter and notes are all in place. Research for this week is accessible at a mouse-click.

My desk is clear, and my Bose noise-canceling headset is sitting next to my laptop, ready for the early morning start.

I generally don’t need an alarm to wake up, but I haven’t been getting up early lately, so just in case, my alarm is set for 5 am. The NaNoWriMo daily pace is 1,667 words. My personal goal is the same as last year, 2,000 words/day. The notes for Chapter 1 are available for me on the second monitor. I’m all set to go. Anyone wanting to follow me on the NaNo site, my buddy name is: jamietr. Or you can stay-tuned here for a daily progress update.

Good luck everyone!  See you in the morning.


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