NaNoWriMo Day 1

I was up just before 5am and I’d written my first words of NaNoWriMo 2010 by 5:01.  The opening scene to the novel is a dark one and I’m not sure it’s as smooth or tight as I’d like it to be, but that stuff I can worry about in second draft.  I felt like I started up a little slowly, but I soon hit a good stride and before I knew it (sometime around 6:20 or so) I’d hit 1,667 words.  As I approached the number, I thought about pausing to tweet that it’d hit the pace for the day, but by then, I’d gotten so into the scene that the next time I looked, I was past 1,900 words and I wrapped up the opening scene and completed Chapter 1 of the novel at about 6:51am, having written a total of 2,625 words, which puts me on day 1 at nearly 1,000 words above pace and which is a pleasant 625 words above my personal daily goal.

What’s more, I was very pleased that I was able to work off my outline and complete the entire chapter setting up more or less what I needed to setup and closing the chapter on what I hope is a good hook to bring the reader along.  The writing could be better, but again, that’s stuff I can dwell on at leisure in second draft.  The goal here is to get my first draft sketch of the story completely down on paper.  I guess we’ll see. I’m actually more excited about tomorrow’s chapter which I am already looking forward to writing.

When I finished writing this morning, I backed up to thumb drive (since the regular backup to iDrive won’t run until tonight).  Don’t forget to back up.  It would suck to lose the hard work.

Here’s my daily summary:

NaNoWriMo pace: 1,667 words (1,667 words to-date)
My goal: 2,000 words (2000 words to-date)
My actual:2,625 words (2,625 words to-date)
Overall status: +958 words over NaNo pace


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