NaNoWriMo Day 2

Up at about 4:45am today and I got started at 5am sharp on chapter 2 of Far Away Places.  I felt like I started off a bit more slowly today than I did yesterday, and the net result was that I wrote less today, but I still beat both the NaNoWriMo pace (1,667 words) and my own daily goal (2,000 words) with a total of 2,132 words.  I finished 20 minutes early, but it was a natural break-point (the end of the chapter) and I saw no point in starting the next one.  I can start that cleanly tomorrow morning.

I’m beginning to see that what I am doing here is like a detailed sketch.  I think I might have mentioned this yesterday, but it is becoming clear today.  The prose does flow nearly as well as my prose does on short pieces.  But I can see that I am setting up the scaffolding for what will ultimately be something that (I hope) is beautiful in the second draft.  I’m laying everything out, narrative and dialog, in a messy way, but a way that will make it much easier to clean and prune when I get around it to in the next draft.  It also makes me realize that it will be the second draft that will be the time consuming part of the project.  And possibly where I will have the most fun, since I won’t be under the pressure of hitting a mark everyday and will have prose to work off of, moulding and sculpting it into shape.

I’m also going back and re-reading the previous days writing, and while not rewriting any of it, I am heavily annotating it, inserting notes about what to cut, what to add, what narrative themes have been left out that need to be breadcrumbed sooner, etc. so that when I go into second draft, I have a decent set of notes to take with me on what I am intending.

So far, nothing post-worthy from the novel, but once I have something, I’ll pose a passage or two that I think reads particularly well for a first draft.  But I am having fun with Part I of the novel because it plays out as a kind of dual race and that gives the pacing a bit of an edge.

Here’s where things stand:

NaNoWriMo Stats Day 2

This puts me 1,400 words (nearly 1 day) above NaNo pace and 750 words ahead of my own personal pace.


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