A “write-good” day of writing for me

Today began with me writing all 2,100 words of the second chapter of my NaNoWriMo novel this morning, and I was done by 7am and felt accomplished.  If that was all I managed to write today, it was a success, especially since I surpassed my daily goal of 2,000 words for the second day in a row.  Any day I write 2,100 words is a good day.

But then I surprised myself.  I have three short pieces in various states of completion, but I don’t want to work on them in the mornings because I’m focused on not only winning NaNoWriMo but writing a complete draft of a novel. But I don’t want to give up the short pieces entirely.  So this evening, after spending about 30 minutes reading a technical paper on black holes that serves a research for the novel, I decided to pull up one of the shorts and do some work on it. This one is another science fiction mystery, and I have very good feelings about the overall story.  So I pulled up what I’d written in Scrivener 2.0, read over what I’d written so far and then began to add to it.  I took a break to give Zach a bath, play with him for a while and put him to bed, and then I continued writing for another hour or so.  When I was finished, I’d added another 1,600 words to the story and I am very pleased with how it is progressing.

So in addition to 9 hours at the day job, voting after work, and playing with the baby, I managed to write a total of 3,700 words today.  Of course, I ‘m heading to bed momentarily and I’ll be back at the novel in 7 hours.  But you know what? Being able to work on something other than the novel this evening was a bit freeing and allowed my mind to wander and do things in short story form that I just can’t do in the novel.  It was a nice change of pace.  I’m looking forward to switching back to the novel in the morning.  Tomorrow evening the Arlington Writers Group has a NaNoWriMo writing session so if I make my quota in the morning, I may spend that session working on the short story.

Good writing day, though.  I’m very pleased.


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