NaNoWriMo 2010 Day 8

And so week 2 begins.  Last year, I managed to go the first 12 days maintaing the same schedule.  On the 13th day I didn’t get up early to write because we had friends coming into town, but I still met my quote for the day.  Day 21 was the first day that I skipped last year.  I don’t plan on skipping at all this year, but if I did, it wouldn’t do too much damage.  I added 2,408 words this morning, bringing my 8-day total to 19,414.  NaNo pace for day 8 is 13,336 words.  That puts me just over 6,000 words above pace.  That’s 3.5 days above NaNo pace and 3 days above my own pace of 2000 words/day.  I could miss nearly four days and still finish on time.  As it stands, given my average of about 2,400 words each day, I’m now scheduled to hit 50,000 words on November 21.

I wrote slightly out of order again this morning. Yesterday, I wrote scenes 1 and 3 of Chapter 7.  Today I wrote the missing scene 2 and then wrote the first of 2 scenes for Chapter 8.  I’m hoping that tomorrow I can get the rest of Chapter 8 and all of Chapter 9 completed.  That gets me back onto my rough plan of a chapter each day.

As it turns out, Chapter 7 ended up 4,400 words long which is nearly twice as long as any of the other chapters.  My solution to this is to break it into 2 chapters.  More than likely, I will do something like this: Chapter 7 scene 1-2 will become the new Chapter 7.  Chapter 8 scene 1 will become the new Chapter 8. Chapter 7 scene 3 will become Chapter 9.  Chapter 8 scene 2 will become Chapter 10 and everything will follow on, as is after that with the current Chapter 9 becoming Chapter 11, the current Chapter 10 become Chapter 12, etc.  It keeps the lengths more consistent and adds a bit of tension too.

It was a little tougher to get up this morning, but I blame that on the time change. Looking forward to getting back into the story tomorrow morning.

Same bat time, same bat channel.

Here are the stats for today:

NaNoWriMo 2010 Day 8


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