NaNoWriMo 2010 Day 17

I had the most fun this morning that I’ve had so far working on the novel.  My goal was to write Chapter 18, which I’d outlined as a fun chapter to write, and that turned out to be the case.  In fact, despite starting promptly at 5am, I couldn’t bring myself to stop and it was only after I’d gotten down a remarkable 2,809 words did I bring the chapter to a close and finally push away from my desk as the clock struck 7am.  It brings my 17-day total to 41,164 words which is incredible even by my standards.  I feel like I am “in the zone”, pitching a no-hitter through the middle innings.  And like a no hitter, there’s a chance that I lose my cool and things will fall apart, but I’m enjoying it while it lasts.

This morning’s chapter led up to the first sex scene in the book, and before my friends begin salivating, let me say that it is what I would call a very “Asimovian” sex scene: the act takes place off stage and is absolutely necessary for the plot.  But it was a lot of fun writing the flirting and banter that leads up to it.  In my outline, I had worked things out slightly differently (the scene involved a call girl) but as the scene progressed, I realized that no call girl was necessary and the two characters who met for the first time at the beginning of the chapter had enough chemistry for what I needed to take place at the end of the chapter.  And it adds an additional plot complication, which is always nice to have.

I’m still on track to hit 50,000 words on Sunday, but I’m confident about making that now and it is no longer my focus.  My focus now is entirely on that 90,000 word mark, and being able to say by mid-December that I once wrote the entire first draft of a novel.  Maybe nothing will come of it, but I’m beginning to feel very good about where this is going.

Here are the (remarkable) stats for today:



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