The Quiet Man

Occasionally, I’ll browse the movies playing on Turner Classic Movies and record some of them. Last night, Kelly and I watched The Quiet Man starring John Wayne and Maureen O’Hara. The truth is, I tend to like these older movies more and more compared to what we have today. I think we both thought it was a “cute” movie. What was most amusing about it was what you could learn about the era in which it was made (1952-ish). Many of the backgrounds seemed artificial and it made me wonder if it seemed so because we are so used to CGI and on-location films today–or if the backgrounds seemed equally artificial to audiences of 1952, but I don’t think this is a question that can be answered. Even people who saw the movie in the theaters in 1952 would be hard-pressed to recall if the scenery felt authentic or not.

John Wayne (I haven’t seen many of his films) came across as a little too Joe Western, which might have been okay had the film actually been a Western as opposed to a romantic comedy that takes place in Ireland.  Maureen O’Hara was pretty good, I thought. We both laughed at how “un-PC” the movie was.

I like watching these movies, and I’m serious when I say that I tend to enjoy them more than the stuff that comes out in theaters today. That is not a hard rule, but there have been few movies that I have seen in the last few years that I really come away from saying, wow, that was great. It’s nice to know there is an entire virtually undiscovered universe of film out there to take advantage of. And it reminds me that I need to scroll through what’s playing this week on TCM and see if there’s anything that looks interesting.


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