I am beginning to play around with Evernote as a tool to store all of my notes and to-do lists in the cloud and have everything easily searchable and at my fingertips no matter where I am. So far, I’m pretty impressed, and it’s no surprise, since Evernote was one of the 25 best applications in MacWorld this year.  (Scrivener 2.0 was another.) A while back I mentioned how I have gone paperless at work and in 2011, I plan on doing the same at home. Evernote Premium (which is what I am using) goes a long way to making this possible. I can upload PDFs and their content is searchable, even if the notes in them are handwritten. I can tag notes and provide all kinds of meta-data to improve the searching. I can clip articles from the web and store them. There are lots of nice features and plug-ins. I’m still in the early experimental stages but once I get going with this, I’ll let you know how it turns out.


    1. Michael, thanks for the link. It looks like a good service, but it doesn’t have some of the functionality I found in Evernote. For instance, I can upload all kinds of file types and for some, like PDFs, those files will be searchable, even if they are handwritten. So I can scan my contracts and receipts to PDF and upload them, tag them, and then be able to search them. Evernote has a pretty nice iPhone app, too, and the basic service is free. The premium service is $45/year and includes 0.5TB of upload/storage per month.


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