REMINDER: Evernote’s 30-Day Paperless Challenge Starts Tomorrow

Just a reminder that Evernote’s 30-Day Paperless Challenge begins tomorrow. You can find all of the details over on the Evernote Blog. There is a Facebook Event page for the challenge. I will be peeking in there from time-to-time. I will also be using my weekly Going Paperless Tips post to provide a few tips and encouragement to folks participating in the challenge. The first of these tips will coincide with the start of the challenge tomorrow. There will also be some cool prizes. If you’ve considered going paperless and are looking for a place to start, I’d encourage you to give the 30-Day Paperless Challenge a try.


    1. Barbara, I went through that program yesterday trying to figure out what I was going to attend (and what I was going to miss because I was scheduled on a panel at the same time.) It took a couple of hours!


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