Evernote’s 30-Day Paperless Challenge Twitter Party Transcript

For those who couldn’t make the Twitter Party we had last night to wrap up Evernote’s 30 Day Paperless Challenge, I clipped the transcript into Evernote and have made it available in my shared notebook, Paperless Lifestyle. Feel free to view or subscribe to this shared notebook and check out the transcript from last night. It was a lot of fun and I think we had really good turnout and participation.

A couple people asked if we will be doing another one of these 30 Day Paperless Challenges in the future. I’m pretty certain that we will. Stay-tuned.

Also, the challenge doesn’t have to stop here. Bonnie Zink has created a Facebook group called GoingPaperless. I’m a member of the group as are about 200 other people at this point. Feel free to continue the discussion over there.


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