18 months and the big charade

On Sunday, the Little Man turned 18-months. According to some sources, this makes him a “toddler”. I don’t care if other sources disagree, I am going to say he’s a toddler at this point. It’s hard to imagine that 18 months ago he was a tiny little thing that you could practically hold in one hand. He has more than tripled in weight, plus, oh yeah, he can talk pretty well at this point now, and in most circumstances, he can get his meaning across pretty clearly.

On Friday night, we skipped my office holiday party in order to attend “Parent’s Night” at the Little Man’s school. We got to sit in low chairs at low tables and watch the kids do the kind of activities they do during their school day. Zach showed us how he played with different toys, including putting beans in a slot in a tin. That kept him occupied and made me think I want one of those for home for those times when we need to keep him busy. He showed us other toys, and then showed us how he puts his toys away.

“That’s remarkable,” I said to him, impressed by the display of dexterity and coordination.

“It’s really nothing, Pop,” he said.

“Is that so?” I scratched my chin.  “In that case, would you mind demonstrating that proficient coordination and consideration when we get home and pick up all of your toys there, too?”

The Little Man frowned, “I’m sorry, Pop, I’m still just a little baby learning the language.  I’m not quite sure I understood what you just said.”  And before I could say anything else, he ran off to commiserate with friends, and perhaps warn them that I was onto their charade.

Later, the kids gathered round and sang us songs in several different languages. At once point, the Little Man took it upon himself to walk around the circle of people, giving every one of them a high-five. He is a high-five-batcher. It seems he can’t give a high-five to just one person, but must do so for everyone in sight.

On Saturday evening, we headed down to Mount Vernon where we met our friends to take a candlelight tour of the mansion and grounds. We lucked out on weather. It was cold, but not freezing and the grounds were lovely in the candlelight. The Little Man and his Somewhat Bigger Friend had a blast walking/running/being carried around, but when it was all over, the Little Man got somewhat cranky and cried nearly the entire drive home, which is pretty unusual for him.

Nevertheless, he slept very well last night. He’d been to a party earlier in the day and partied his little heart out. He looked pretty tired when he got home. I asked him why he looked so tired and he said, “I think it’s because I’m getting older.”

“I know the feeling,” I replied.


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